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All the cloth nappy accessories you need

Snappi nappy fasteners

When it comes to buying for babies, there are simply mountains of items on the market that you can buy. It can get a little confusing. It’s not all that different when it comes to change time either, what cloth nappy accessories are really essential and what can you do without? Here’s a quick look at some of the different accessories that are available.

Dealing with poo

When it comes to dealing with poo and dirty nappies, there are lots of different options available. Everything from contraptions to hold the dirty nappy while you get rid of the solid waste, to items to scrape it clean. Some people like to use a dedicated spatula for the job, but personally, I’ve always got on much better with a couple of other options for this. Firstly I’ve always liked to use nappy liners, I don’t think that you need to use them all of the time, but they are great if you are out and about and mean that you don’t have to carry a nappy full of poo home with you.

cloth nappy sprayer

When it comes to dealing with solids at home though, my favourite option by far, is a nappy sprayer. These connect to the cold water supply on your toilet and mean that you can actually spray the solids off the nappy with water. Simple and effective.

Storing dirty nappies

Once you’ve got rid of that smelly stuff, from inside your nappy. You might want to put them somewhere until you are ready to wash. A bucket with a lid is ideal for this and you can pick them up from many local stores. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated nappy bucket, although one with a firmly fitting lid is ideal, as you might get a few nasty whiffs otherwise.

Cloth nappy wet bag

When out and about, a bucket obviously won’t do. I have been known to resort to a carrier bag in the past, but to be honest, they aren’t exactly ideal. A wet bag is a much more reliable and stylish option. With a zip fastening to keep smells and moisture in, you don’t need to worry about making a stink.  With the choice of pretty designs, they look far nicer than an old shopping bag.

Fastening nappies

If you’re using prefold or flat nappies on your baby, then you may find that you want something to fasten them in place. I have always been a fan of snappi nappy fasteners as they hold everything in place securely. They are also very easy to use, unlikely to cause any injuries and come in a great range of colours.

Snappi nappy fasteners

Keeping cloth nappy accessories simple

Although there are lots of different accessories on the market, there’s no need to get them all. In most cases just a few basic extras are all you need to use cloth on your little one.

If you want some personalised advice or info about using cloth nappies on your baby, then check out our cloth nappy advice form, or get in touch via email.

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