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Cloth nappies New Zealand

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Cloth nappies New Zealand

When it comes to buying cloth nappies in New Zealand, you have three basic options.

  • New Zealand made cloth nappies
  • A New Zealand brand of cloth nappies, made elsewhere
  • A foreign brand of cloth nappies sold in New Zealand.

Lets have a look at your basic options with cloth nappies New Zealand.

 New Zealand made cloth nappies

If you are looking for cloth nappies that are made here in New Zealand, then you won’t go far wrong with WAHM made nappies.  These are usually nappies that are made in small quantities by work at home mums.  The advantages of such nappies, is that you can often specify exactly what you are looking for, sometimes choosing something quite different or unusual.

New Zealand cloth nappies by Nappyneedz

Here at Nappyneedz we offer a range of nappies that are produced as one off or limited items, and sewn here by us.  These can be custom ordered, or we often have a number of such nappies in stock.

New Zealand owned cloth nappy brands

A second great option when looking at cloth nappies New Zealand, is to go for a New Zealand brand.  These are companies such as Nappy needz, who stock nappies that they have designed in New Zealand, for New Zealand parents.  By purchasing such nappies, you know that you are supporting a Kiwi company.  Being local, you usually will have access to a great deal of help and support both before and after you have bought your cloth nappies.

Dinky Cloth nappies New Zealand

Our Dinky nappy is such a nappy, it has been designed right here in New Zealand by us, for New Zealand parents.  It has loads of great features as you would expect from a popular, and is truly local in terms of design. You can find out more about our dinky nappies, and purchase them here.

Foreign nappies sold in New Zealand.

Some of the popular nappy types that are available are actually British, American or Australian brands.   These nappies are often very popular and have lots of great features, although as they are imported, you might find that you are paying a bit of a premium for the name.  Where possible it helps to buy from a New Zealand based stockist, so that you can have back up service after purchase and you can still support an NZ based business.

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