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Cloth nappies for wriggly babies

Cloth nappies for wriggly babies

Cloth nappies for wriggly babies can be a bit of a nightmare. If your baby is on the move they might not stay still enough to allow you to change a nappy. Our Pull up cloth nappies make change time that little bit easier.

On the move

While some babies are happy to sit still, watching the world around them, other babies are on the move from really early on. One of my daughters was climbing out of her cot before she was one. Busy chasing her sister and brothers around. The last thing that your newly mobile baby wants to do is lie still while you change their nappy. Change time can become a real challenge and frustrating for both you and your baby.

Cloth nappies for wriggly babies

There are a number of things that you can do to make change time easier. Hopefully, by the time your little one reaches this stay, you’ll be adept at quick changes and be able to get that clean nappy on quickly. A little distraction can help too. I used to keep a small toy on the change table, to hand to them while I quickly got to work at the smelly end. If you find that your little one tends to get their hands in the way, then a neat trick is to place a sticker on the back of one of their hands. This usually attracts their attention for long enough for you to change their nappy while they try to peel it off for a closer look.

Cloth nappies for wriggly babies

If you really want to make change time much easier, then avoiding lying down altogether would be ideal. Our pull up cloth nappies are designed to be easy to pull up and down at change time. Meaning that you can change their nappies, literally, on the run. This is a pocket style nappy, which means that the inserts won’t slip out when you pull it on. The action of pulling it up also gets your little one used to the action of pulling their nappy up and down, getting them ready for making the switch to underpants when they are a little older and ready to start to use the toilet.

Toddler change time

Of course, there are times when pulling down a dirty nappy just isn’t going to work. Our pull up nappy pants have side snaps. That means that you can remove them like a normal cloth nappy when you have a particularly messy change time to deal with. At this stage, the nappies are designed to fit to around 16-17 kg. We are hoping to add a larger size in the near future for older children and night time use. If you are looking for cloth nappies for wriggly babies and want to know more about our pull cup cloth nappies, then click here for more info.

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