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Cloth nappies for Premature Babies

Cloth nappies for premature babies

Choosing cloth nappies for Premature Babies needn’t be a complicated decision. Ecobots are the natural choice. With covers that are sized to fit from just 2 lbs and natural cotton nappies, they are ideal for the tiniest of babies. We have a number of options to make using cloth on your tiny baby easy.

Cloth nappies for premature babies

Using cloth nappies for premature babies

Using cloth nappies, when you are dealing with a tiny, early newborn, might seem too much like hard work. There are some great reasons to consider giving cloth a go for tiny babies.

  • Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that it is less likely to irritate skin.
  • Cotton is easy to care for.
  •  It is easy to see when a baby has dirtied a cloth nappy and how much they have produced.
  • Small cotton prefolds are easy to wash and quick to dry.
  • The small nappies are handy later as a booster pad when your little one is older.
  • The premature nappies are sized to fit premature babies.
  • Cotton nappies are more comfortable than disposable nappies.

Premature packs

We stock premature nappies in two different ways. As babies are only likely to be in the tiny premature size for a little while, you might not want to actually buy the nappies. Rather than spending money on nappies that you only end up using for a small amount of time, we offer a hire service. For $40 plus a $20 returnable deposit, we will send you five premature size covers, eighteen premature size prefolds and two snappi fasteners. Once you’ve finished with the nappies, return them, freshly laundered and we will refund your $20 deposit. Alternatively, if you prefer you can purchase the same pack for $100.

A natural start

For tiny babies, cotton nappies are a great choice. The natural fibres are less likely to cause any discomfort or rashes. The nappies are easy to wash and look after. The tiny size is just right for tiny newborn babies. Twins are often smaller at birth and alongside of premature sets, we also offer a twins pack. If you want some premature covers included with this pack simply let us know and we will include some with your order.

You can find our premature pack here.

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