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Cloth nappies for daycare

Using cloth nappies for daycare

Cloth nappies for daycare don’t need to be complicated. Many daycare centres have policies in place which make it easy for you to keep your baby in cloth. Even if they don’t currently have any children in reusable nappies, you can do things to make it easy.

Using cloth nappies for daycare

Top tips for cloth nappies for daycare

  • Stick to one type of cloth nappy, this makes it easier for whoever changes the nappies.
  • Choose a simple style.
  • Where possible, set the nappies up ready for use. For example, stuff pocket nappies so that they only need putting on your baby.
  • Find out if your daycare prefers to use disposable liners.
  • Invest in a couple of wet bags. Ideal for transporting dirty cloth nappies home.
  • Some people prefer to have a set of nappies just for daycare. These can be ones that don’t matter if they get paint or other mess on them.
  • You will need extra nappies to make sure that you have enough spare for daycare and home use.
  • If you need to label them, a sharpie will work on the inside of the PUL on most nappies. The writing won’t be visible when the nappy is being used. It will make sure yours don’t get mixed up with others.

daycare cloth nappies

Tips for daycares

Many daycares have babies in cloth nappies. Make the whole experience easier with some of the suggestions below.

  • Think about installing a nappy sprayer. These make dealing with poo easier.
  • Let parents know that you’re happy to use cloth.
  • Encourage parents to use one type of cloth nappy, to make life easier.
  • We can do a discount for bulk purchases of wet bags. This will make cloth nappy storage and carrying them home easier.
  • If you want to use disposable liners, we can also supply these in bulk.
  • Allow parents to come and show you their cloth nappies so that everyone knows how each one works.

Reusable nappies

With a little bit of setting up, reusable nappies are a great choice for daycare. It can be easy and not lots of extra work. Check out our OSFM prefold nappies, which are a great choice for daycare here.

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