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Cloth nappies for bigger children

Cloth nappies for bigger children

Cloth nappies for bigger children can be difficult to find. Once your little one has outgrown the basic OSFM nappies, what should you do? Many children can be wet, particularly at night, until they are well past this size. At Nappyneedz we have a couple of options you may like to consider.

Cloth nappies for bigger children

Finding a larger reusable nappy

Although there are some larger products on the market, as a rule, the selection of bigger nappies is not huge. This shouldn’t mean that your child has to stop using cloth. Over recent months we have been developing a number of options that allow you to keep using reusables. Currently, we have two larger options that might work for your little one. But we also have plans for another washable nappy that will fit an even bigger size range.

Pre-fold nappies

If you use pre-fold nappies or like the simplicity of the Ecobots system, then you might be interested in our XL covers. These are the same as our standard nappy covers, with all the same great features. They are a larger size, fitting from around 15.5 kg up to around 20 kg. You can use them over any fitted or flat nappy that needs a cover, but they work particularly well with our super pre-folds. We would recommend pad folding them in three and placing them in the covers for bigger children. For nighttime use, you may want to consider adding one of our boosters or other inserts.

Pocket nappies for bigger children

If you like a pocket nappy system such as our Dinky nappies, then the XL dinky might be the ideal nappy for you. The XL dinky is designed to fit children from around 16 kg to around 22 kg. This does depend on the build of your child and you may well find that it will fit larger weights than this. With a bamboo insert and black microfleece stay-dry inner, the XL dinky has many of the great features you might expect from our pocket nappy range.

More to come

In future months we hope to add to our current range with an XXL nappy cover and an XL pull up nappy. If you are interested in developments that we have on the way keep an eye on our website and on the Facebook page.

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