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Which cloth nappies should I buy?

Choosing the right cloth nappies when you are first looking at using them can be quite confusing.  There are so many choices that the question ‘which cloth nappies should I buy?’ isn’t an easy one to answer.  Our top tips should help you.

Which cloth nappies should I buy? So many to choose from

Decide what you are looking for

Knowing what you want from a resuable nappy system, will help you to narrow down your choices.  Consider things like; how many children are you planning on using them on? Do you want to buy everything up front? What washing facilities do you have? How much can you afford to send initially?

Answering these questions should help you a little, if you are planning on using them on more than one child, and can reuse your nappies in the future, then a sized nappy system might be a good idea, so that you know which nappies belong to which, and each size doesn’t get so worn out. If you want to purchase everything up front, then consider a birth to potty set, or a set of one size nappies, as you will be able to use the same nappies as your child gets bigger. Flat cotton nappies dry quicker than some of the newer nappy fabrics such as hemp and bamboo, but don’t hold as much liquid so need changing more often.

Ask friends ‘which cloth nappies should I buy?’

Recommendations from friends and families can be a great way to get tips about which cloth nappies are good and what has worked for other people.  Bare in mind though, that different people with different needs and situations might like different things.  If you have no friends who have used cloth then on line reviews can be a good place to start.

Get personalised cloth nappy advice

There are a lot of options for getting cloth nappy advice from ‘experts’ and parents that have used cloth themselves.  Here at Nappy needz we have started setting up advisors around New Zealand who can come to your house and show you our cloth nappies and talk about the benefits.  Contact us to see if we cover your area.  If there isn’t an advisor in your area yet, or you live outside of New Zealand, then consider using our personalised online nappy advice form here, where we can give you tips and recommendations via email.

Cloth nappy trial packs

If you’re keen to give cloth nappies a go, but don’t want to spend a huge amount only to find that they don’t work for you, then trial packs are a great option.  Our trial pack contains two popular nappy types; a pocket nappy and three prefold nappies and cover for only $45.  Purchase it now here

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