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Choosing washable breast pads

choosing washable breast pads

Washable breast pads are a great choice for nursing mothers. The soft fabrics make them perfect for sore and achy breasts and nipples. The fact that they are reusable will save you lots of money.

choosing reusable breast pads

Washable breast pads

Many mothers find that they will have a let down from both breasts when feeding. Pregnant women also often find that they start to leak colostrum in the third trimester. Not all women find that they need breast pads. I did not find that my breasts leaked, but I was still able to feed my babies with no difficulties.

Washable breastfeeding pads

Although there are plenty of disposable options on the market, these are not always ideal. Some women find that disposable pads tend to stick to the nipple. This can be annoying at the best of time, but as this area can be quite sensitive when breastfeeding, this can cause problems. These reusable pads tend to be softer and not stick to the area, making them much more comfortable. Reusable breast pads can, of course, be reused, which is another advantage. This is a great advantage if you are needing to use pads for quite some time.

Shaped t,o fit

At their most basic, reusable nursing pads are simple pieces of cloth that will absorb any milk that leaks out between feeds. There are lots of washable breast pads on the market, but most of these tend to be simple flat circles. The disadvantage with these is that they don’t tend to sit well in your bra and the outline can be visible through clothing. Having a gently contoured pad, which fits around the breast means that they are more comfortable and it helps to make them more effective. All of our breast pads are shaped to fit the breast, to help give a better fit.

Fabric choices

Our breast pads come in a choice of fabric types. Our standard pads are made with three layers. Microfleece fabric sits against the skin and is designed to wick liquid into the centre of the pad and feel soft to the touch. There is then an absorbent microfibre layer in the centre of the pad. They are backed with white organic cotton which has been coated with a PUL layer. This helps to make them waterproof. You can find these pads here.

Reusable breast pads

The second pad that we stock is a bamboo pad. This has a soft bamboo french terry which sits against the skin. Not only is it lovely and soft, but it is also highly absorbent. These pads are backed with PUL. You can get these in either classic white, or in a pretty print. You can find them here. If you need something to carry your pads in, when not in use, then our mini wet bag is ideal. These are here.


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