Choosing the right cloth nappy

Something that comes up time and time again, is which cloth nappy is the best cloth nappy? Parents want help choosing the right cloth nappy for them and their baby, but there are so many different ideas and opinions out there that it can get really complicated. So, how do you stop yourself going crazy with all of those different options and opinions? How do you know if you are really choosing the right cloth nappy for you?

Which is the right cloth nappy for your baby?

Speaking to friends

If you have friends who already have children and they’ve used cloth nappies, ask them for tips and advice. They may even loan you a few styles to try. Always bare in mind though, that what one person really likes, another might not. Once you have a baby, you’ll find that lots of people have lots of advice to share with you, from other parents to family members, and even random old women in supermarkets who will come and share their expertise on whether your little one should be out without socks or not. (Which is really irrelevant when you have the kind of baby who refuses to keep socks on for more than a few seconds. Sorry, I digress.) You will find that you become quite skilled at listening to the sensible advice that really ‘speaks’ to you, and the stuff that really doesn’t match your parenting style. When it comes to cloth nappies, there’s nearly always someone who loves them, and someone who says that they tried but they leaked or were too much work. Nearly all types of cloth nappies can work and work pretty well once you’ve got the set up right, and once you get into the routine then you will usually find the extra work fairly easy.

Mix and match

A great idea to help with choosing the right cloth nappy is to get a few different styles to try out. It is a little more expensive this way, as full packs of nappies (such as the packs we sell here) tend to work out cheaper than individual nappies. Trying out a number of different nappies does mean that you can see what really works well for your situation and your baby. It does mean though, that once you have decided what works, you need to think about selling the nappies that you’re not so keen on, and getting more of those you like. Our cloth nappy trial packs give two great styles of nappies, so that you can try and see what works best for you and your baby. Some people prefer to buy just one nappy style from the beginning and stick with that, so that there is less confusion, it’s worth considering if you mind trying different types, or want to go with one style right the way through.

Choosing the right cloth nappy

No wrong answer

When it comes to choosing the right cloth nappy, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that there isn’t actually a wrong answer. Of course if you buy a full set of nappies that really don’t work well on your baby, then that’s far from ideal, but with a little tweaking, most types of cloth nappies work well for most babies. If you need trouble shooting advice on any brand of cloth nappy, then let me know, I’m always happy to help.

Choosing the right cloth nappy

When you’re trying to decide which cloth nappies to go with, then the best thing to do is to have a look at the different types of cloth nappies on the market, and then decide which style fits the way you can see yourself using them and sounds as though it would work best for you. In our next blog post, we’ll look at the different styles available to give you a bit more help with choosing the right cloth nappy.

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