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Choosing The best newborn cloth nappies

choosing the Best newborn cloth nappies

Looking for the best newborn cloth nappies? With so many decisions to make and new things to get your head around when you first have a baby, nappies might be at the bottom of your list. Some people decide that they will leave cloth nappies until later. There’s no reason why you can’t give cloth a go from day one if you want.

Why cloth nappies are a great choice for newborns

The idea of using cloth nappies from the moment your baby is born might seem a little daunting. After all, you suddenly have this tiny human that’s completely reliant on you, surely you need time to get used to that? For some, the idea of trying to juggle cloth nappies with no sleep, establishing breastfeeding and learning this new life, might seem like too much. There are lots of great reasons to give cloth a go though.

  • It’s easier to keep try of your baby’s output. In the early days, wet and dirty nappies are the easiest way to see that your baby is eating enough. Cloth nappies make this much easier. (Which is why some hospitals use them from birth.)
  • It’s cheaper. Newborn babies go through a LOT of nappies. Washing and reusing them is far cheaper than the disposable alternative.
  • Cloth nappies aren’t that much more work. Really you’ll be looking at an extra load of washing every other day.
  • Reusable nappies are the healthier choice. No nasty chemicals against that delicate newborn skin.
Choosing the best newborn cloth nappies with our newborn trial pack

The best choice for newborns

  • Choose a cloth nappy that is quick to wash and dry.
  • Natural fibres tend to be better for delicate skin, with less chance of reactions or rashes.
  • Keep it simple, cloth nappies don’t need to be complicated and for newborn babies you want something easy.
  • Consider a system with a separate cover. Ideal for explosive newborn poo!
  • Cotton makes a great choice. Easy to care for, quick to dry and easy to use.

Our choice

When it came to newborn cloth nappies for my four children, I soon found my favourite. Although I’ve tried lots of different nappies, when it comes to those early days, then there’s one option that stands out. You can’t beat a cotton nappy with a double gusset nappy cover. With this system you change the cotton insert each time and reuse the outer for the whole day, unless it gets messy. Cotton nappies are easy to look after and they don’t take a lot of drying. They are also really reliable which makes them great for the early days.

What the best choice of newborn cloth nappies was for the Sweeney clan

Here at Nappyneedz, we have a couple of options for those newborn days. Our Ecobots nappies come with cotton inserts, covers and snappis. All that you need. This is one of the best newborn systems. The larger sizes work well for older babies too. Another option is to buy the covers on their own and then use either flat nappies or prefolds with them.

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