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Choosing the best cloth nappy inserts

Choosing the best cloth nappy inserts

What are the best cloth nappy inserts? How do you decide which ones to use for your baby? Here’s our guide to picking inserts for your cloth nappies.

Choosing the best cloth nappy inserts

Types of inserts

Cloth nappy inserts come in a wide range of types and styles. When you are choosing the right inserts for your babies nappies, then you might want to think about the type of fabrics that they are made out of as well as the shape and size that they are. The most basic inserts are rectangles of a number of layers of cloth sewn together. The advantage of these is that you simply slip them into the nappy. Other inserts require folding up, in order to be placed in the nappy. This does mean that they are slightly more fiddly, but being as they can be unfolded, they will dry faster. Inserts that need folding range from simple flat nappies to more complex shapes.

When it comes to fabric type, then it’s important to decide what is most important. Different fabrics offer different choices in terms of absorbency, thickness, drying time, natural fibres and cost. It can be worth having different inserts for different situations.

Best cloth nappy inserts

  • For day time use, an insert that is quick-drying and absorbent is ideal.
  • Bamboo is lovely and soft as well as being really absorbent.
  • Bamboo prefolds can be used as a nappy with a cover, or as an insert in a pocket nappy.
  • Flat bamboo nappies have the advantages of using bamboo but are much quicker drying than other inserts.
  • When it comes to night-time, then something that is very absorbent is key.
  • Hemp is fantastic at night as it is one of the most thirsty inserts available.
  • It can take up to 20 washes to reach full absorbency and takes a long time to dry, but hemp is great for nights.
  • Cotton boosters are a fairly inexpensive and quick-drying option for nappy inserts.
  • Cotton has been used for years for cloth nappies and is a great choice that works.
  • Microfibre offers a quick-drying option, although we would always suggest pairing with a natural fibre.
Organic cotton boosters

Best for your baby

Choosing the best cloth nappy inserts for your baby really depends on what you are looking for in a cloth nappy. There are lots of options out there. Let me know which inserts are your favourite in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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