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Choosing bamboo or cotton for cloth nappies

Cotton or bamboo cloth nappies

There are lots of different fabrics available for cloth nappies, which can be a little confusing. Our prefold nappies come in a choice of bamboo or cotton, but which is the better choice. What are the differences between these two fabrics. Which fabric should you buy for your baby?

Bamboo nappies

Bamboo is an unusual fabric, unlike cotton which is a natural fabric or polyester which is completely man made, bamboo fits into both of these categories. It is a natural fibre, which is then processed and turned into fabric. Bamboo fabric is a man made fabric created from natural materials. The fabric that is created is very absorbent and soft. This makes it ideal for cloth nappies. As the fabric is so absorbent it means that it does take longer than cotton to dry. It is also less hard wearing than some other fabrics, so it may not last as long.

bamboo or cotton nappies

Cotton nappies

Cotton has been used for years and years for cloth nappies. A hard wearing fabric, cotton is absorbent which makes it ideal for cloth nappies. Nappies made from cotton can be bleached or hot washed without causing them any real damage. They are a little stiffer than bamboo, but the more than they are washed and used, they become softer. Cotton fabric used to make nappies is absorbent, but not as slow drying as bamboo.

Cotton or bamboo cloth nappies

Bamboo or cotton

When it comes to choosing bamboo or cotton for your cloth nappies, it really is down to personal choice. Many people choose cotton prefold nappies for day time use, as they are quick to wash and dry. Bamboo cloth nappies can be a better choice for night time as they are more absorbent and so will last longer. If you are not sure which are for you, then choosing a combination of bamboo and cotton for different times of the day.

You can find our selection of bamboo and cotton prefold nappies here.

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