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Cheap cloth nappies

cheap cloth nappies

Cheap cloth nappies is not something that we often talk about at Nappyneedz. We’ve always wanted to offer great value, which doesn’t always mean the cheapest item on the market. Sometimes though you really need an option that isn’t going to break the bank.

cheap cloth nappies

Value Cloth nappies

Although all of our cloth nappy options offer great value for money and reliability, sometimes you just need something that will cost you as little money as possible. As many people are struggling that little bit more at the moment, we thought that it might be a good idea to introduce a very basic range that won’t break the bank. That’s where our new range come in. These are nappies from the cheaper end of the market, saving you money and giving more parents the chance to use cloth.

What’s different about these cheap cloth nappies?

These cloth nappies cost considerably less than others, such as our dinky nappy range. So does that mean that these nappies are not as good? Our dinky nappies have been designed to have lots of great features, that make them fit well and last for a long time. This new range is a good basic nappy, but with just one type of insert and without any extra features. For many people, these nappies work really well. Some parents will find that they have to add more absorbency to the nappies as their little ones get older. Natural fibres tend to work better as inserts as your baby grows. To begin with, the insert with these nappies should be fine. The nappies are intended to be a good basic nappy, with no bells or whistles.

All you need

The new nappies can be purchased individually or in packs of five, ten or twenty. If you are looking to get started with cloth, then the twenty pack is a great place to begin. Especially as it also comes with a handy wet bag and nappy liners. If you want more help to choose the best nappies for you, then please get in touch. Otherwise, check out our cheap cloth nappy value range here.

We are currently also running a scheme where we are giving away a number of cloth nappy packs to families in need. You can find out more here. If you want to donate to this scheme to help us donate more packs, then you can do so here.

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