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All about ecobots cloth nappies

Everything you ever wanted to know about Ecobots Cloth Nappies

Want to learn all about Ecobots Cloth Nappies? Then you are in the right place. This Kiwi brand has been around now for over 15 years and loved by thousands of Kiwi parents. But what are the Ecobots Nappies? What makes them different to other brands on the market? Why should you give this great New Zealand brand a go? What are Ecobots Ecobots cloth… Read More »Everything you ever wanted to know about Ecobots Cloth Nappies

Green packaging for our products

Green packaging

Green packaging or eco-packaging is something that we have been working hard on at Nappyneedz. Being an online business, we need to think about our product packaging and what we send it all out in. We haven’t got it all right but wanted to tell you about what we are trying to do. Product packaging We try to eliminate product packages entirely. All of our… Read More »Green packaging

NZ cloth nappy hunt

Back in May we took part in the first NZ cloth nappy hunt. Now it’s time for the second hunt and we are taking part again. Are you going to join in? Want to know more? Then read on. The Great NZ cloth nappy hunt The Great NZ cloth nappy hunt is a twice yearly event, where you get the chance to find your way… Read More »NZ cloth nappy hunt

All change at Ecobots

It’s been all change here at Ecobots over the past few months.  If you’re a fan of our facebook page, you’ll probably already know that we have new owners.  Kelly from nappyneedz has taken over from Marsha and is now running Ecobots.  With this change we’ve got a few new products, like our snappi nappy fasteners, and we have liners back in stock.  There’s also… Read More »All change at Ecobots