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Cloth nappy terms

There are lots of terms and words using in the world of cloth nappies, which can get a bit confusing. Here’s our guide to some of the cloth nappy terms that you might come across.

why choose minky nappies? Six minky nappies in various colours

Why choose Minky nappies?

Minky nappies can be a great choice for your baby. But what is it that makes them different to other types of cloth nappies? Why should you consider them? Great reasons for using Minky Nappies The fabric is lovely and soft, they feel great against your babies skin. Being a polyester fabric, they are easy to look after and care for. Our range includes some… Read More »Why choose Minky nappies?

sized nappy covers

Sized nappy covers

Sized nappy covers have lots of advantages over the one size fits most covers on the market. While our covers might look simple and basic, they actually have lots of features that make them a great choice. Sized nappy covers v OSFM covers As much as I love our one size fits most covers and believe me, I do, there are some great advantages to… Read More »Sized nappy covers

Why do my cloth nappies rustle

Why do my cloth nappies rustle?

Why do my cloth nappies rustle? Usually, cloth nappies shouldn’t make any sounds, but sometimes you might find that some of them begin to make a rustling noise like a plastic carrier bag being scrunched up. But what causes this odd sound? Is it something to worry about? How can you avoid it? Rustling cloth nappies With any luck, rustling cloth nappies is something that… Read More »Why do my cloth nappies rustle?

Cloth nappy liners

Liners for cloth nappies

What are liners for? Liners for cloth nappies are not an essential part of using cloth nappies, but they do have advantages. Here is a look at the different options available to help you choose the right ones for your baby. Some times people seem to get a little confused between a cloth nappy liner and an insert. I’ll start off by explaining what each… Read More »Liners for cloth nappies

What are OSFM nappies?

What are OSFM nappies?

What are OSFM nappies? You have probably come across this term when looking into cloth nappies, but what does it actually mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of nappy? What are OSFM nappies? OSFM stands for one size fits most. This means that these types of cloth nappies will fit most babies, no matter how young or old they are. There… Read More »What are OSFM nappies?

Which cloth nappy is right for your baby?

What is a pocket nappy?

The first time that I ever heard the term pocket nappy, I assumed that it meant a small nappy that you could keep in your pocket. I soon discovered that this wasn’t the case. What is a pocket nappy? Here’s our guide to what makes a cloth nappy a pocket nappy. Cloth nappy types You might be forgiven for thinking that there are disposable nappies… Read More »What is a pocket nappy?

Which cloth nappy?

Deciding which cloth nappy is the right cloth nappy for you, can be a bit of tricky business. When I first started using cloth on my oldest baby, I honestly (and lets face it, pretty naively) thought that I’d just go to a shop or online store and buy some “cloth nappies” and that would be the end of it. If anything, since then, things… Read More »Which cloth nappy?