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Cloth nappy accessories

Cloth nappy liners

Liners for cloth nappies

What are liners for? Liners for cloth nappies are not an essential part of using cloth nappies, but they do have advantages. Here is a look at the different options available to help you choose the right ones for your baby. Some times people seem to get a little confused between a cloth nappy liner and an insert. I’ll start off by explaining what each… Read More »Liners for cloth nappies

Essential cloth nappy accessories

Essential Cloth nappy accessories

I’m often asked what the essential cloth nappy accessories are, or what I would recommend for people starting out with cloth nappies. The short answer is that other than a baby and the nappies themselves, you don’t actually need anything else. There are a few things that might make your life with cloth a little easier. Essential cloth nappy accessories guide Storing dirty cloth nappies… Read More »Essential Cloth nappy accessories

wet bags for daycare

Wet bags for daycare

Wet bags for daycare are something we get asked about a lot. Finding an alternative to single-use products is always a good idea. Using a washable, reusable wet bag is a great way to cut down on the amount of plastic carrier bags you use. Cutting down on plastic bags There has been a lot in the news lately about reducing the amount of plastic bags… Read More »Wet bags for daycare

Choosing a nappy for swimming

When it comes to choosing a nappy for swimming, there are quite a few choices out there. Going swimming with your baby can be great fun. On a warm sunny day, getting a bucket of water out for them to play in is lovely. But what’s the best option for your babies nappy? Swim nappy options When your little one is in or around water,… Read More »Choosing a nappy for swimming

Swimming nappies

Taking your little one swimming can be lots of fun but what kind of swimming nappies should you be using?  If you’re wondering what to look for in swimming nappies, then read on. What swimming nappies are for Unlike other types of nappies, swimming nappies are not designed to take in any water. Even disposable swim nappies, which do contain a small amount of padding… Read More »Swimming nappies

Reusable baby wipes

Have you considered reusable baby wipes for your baby? Save even more money and choose a healthy alternative to disposable baby wipes for your little one’s bottom.  By using reusable baby wipes, that you wash after each use, you can cut down on chemicals that come into contact with your precious little ones delicate skin. How to use washable baby wipes Washable baby wipes are… Read More »Reusable baby wipes

Make cloth nappies more absorbent

Every now and again you may find that you need to make cloth nappies more absorbent.  Your child might be weeing more, or perhaps you are in need of a cloth nappy that will last all night long, and therefore needs more absorbency.  What options do you have to make cloth nappies more absorbent? Boosting to make cloth nappies more absorbent One of the best… Read More »Make cloth nappies more absorbent

Cloth nappy covers

Confused by cloth nappy covers? Not sure if you need to use them or not? Want to know what the best kind of cloth nappy cover would be for you? Using cloth nappy covers Some varieties of cloth nappies, such as Ecobots, need a waterproof cover.  Other varieties of cloth nappy have a waterproof layer built into them, but with prefolds, flat nappies or fitted… Read More »Cloth nappy covers

Nappy liners?

Wondering whether to use cloth nappy liners? There are so many choices out there, when it comes to using cloth nappies, and it’s easy to get lost in all the choices.  One of those choices is whether to use nappy liners or not, and if you do, what type to use. What are nappy liners for? At their simplest level, nappies liners are there to… Read More »Nappy liners?