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Being green

Trying out a menstrual cup

Trying out a menstrual cup

Thinking about trying out a menstrual cup? I recently gave some women the chance to ‘test drive’ one of our menstrual cups. Here is how one woman, who was new to menstrual cups found the experience. Positives – No tampon strings – No worrying about defecating on tampon strings and contamination – No wet tampon string after showering – Feel cleaner – No accidental double… Read More »Trying out a menstrual cup

Waste reduction

Waste reduction

Waste reduction is something that needn’t be hard work. You can take a few simple steps to cut down on the amount of waste that you produce. This week is waste free parenting week, so I thought that it might be a good idea to talk about some of the products that we have, that can help cut down the amount of rubbish you produce.… Read More »Waste reduction

Do babies need shampoo

Do babies need shampoo?

If you look in a supermarket or baby shop, you will see a huge range of baby toiletries. Are they really necessary? Do babies need shampoo? Can you manage without soap? Does not using baby bubble bath matter? Avoiding soap Television adverts, magazines and even our own childhood might make us think that we have to use soaps and lotions on our babies. But is… Read More »Do babies need shampoo?

Easy eco baby toys

Babies can be an expensive business, there are so many items that people will tell you you need, or are baby essentials, that’s before you even start to think about toys. But, in actual fact there are all kinds of things that your little one can play with that don’t cost the earth and as you are not buying throw away lumps of plastic, but… Read More »Easy eco baby toys

Eco packaging

Here at Ecobots, we always try to be environmentally friendly and be as ‘green’ as possible. After all, cloth nappies are a sustainable and environmentally friendly product and it makes sense that we would try to be environmentally friendly.  One of the ways in which we try to do this, is to use, where possible, Eco packaging. Eco packaging for cloth nappies Many products that… Read More »Eco packaging

10 green parenting ideas

Green parenting, or trying to make sure that your little one doesn’t have huge environmental impact is a great idea.  Not only is it better for the planet that your little one will grow up in, but it will probably also save you money.  Here are our top ten ideas for green parenting: Use reusable nappies It probably goes without saying that here at Ecobots we’re… Read More »10 green parenting ideas