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Can teenagers use menstrual cups?

can teenagers use menstrual cups

Can teenagers use menstrual cups? Period cups are a great choice when it comes to reusable menstrual products, but are they really suitable for teenagers?

can teenagers use menstrual cups

Menstrual cups for teenagers

For a long time, menstrual cups were available in two sizes. These were generally a smaller size for women who hadn’t yet been pregnant and were under 30. There was then a larger size for women over 30, or those who had been pregnant. The smaller size is fine for teenagers and will work well. The only slight problem is that although this cup is a small size, it can see quite big and intimidating. For that reason, we introduced a special teen sized cup.

Why a cup?

There are lots of reasons why menstrual cups make a great choice at any age. Like tampons, they mean that you can take part in sports, don’t have to worry about pads showing if you wear tight clothes and they can be less messy. It can take a little bit of practice to get used to removing the cup without making a mess, but once you’ve practised it can be quite easy. With our smallest size cup for teenagers, it’s quite easy to fold it down small so that it’s easy to insert.

Reusable menstrual products

There are plenty of options when it comes to reusable menstrual products. Menstrual cups are a great place to start, but you don’t have to use these on their own. Often a good combination of a cup and washable pads, means that you can have the best of both worlds. Using the pads on lighter days and the cup on heavier days or when you just don’t want to wear a pad. It really doesn’t matter what age you are, both of these options work really well. For teenagers that want to make the switch to reusable products, then our teen pack is a great place to start. With five smaller sized pads and a teen cup, they have everything you need to start. Check them out here.

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