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Brand rep search – cloth nappy lovers wanted

Brand rep search for Nappyneedz 2021

Brand rep search for Nappyneedz 2021. We are on the lookout for a number of brand reps for our cloth nappies. If you love cloth nappies, take good photos and would be willing to share your photos on a regular basis on social media in return for free and discounted products, then read on.

Searching for a brand rep

Although we have used brand reps for one-off features in the past, this time we are doing something different. We are looking for people who would be looking to work with us for a longer period of time. But what is a brand rep? We are looking for someone who posts regularly on social media and who takes great photos. At this stage, it’s our cloth nappies that we are looking at promoting. You will need to have a baby who is in nappies or be about to have one. We understand that not everyone wants to share photos of their children online. We don’t need you to show faces if you prefer not to. There are plenty of great ways to show off our products without showing your little one’s head. We will need you to have an Instagram account that anyone can see. Private accounts are great, but sadly not for this kind of thing.

How to apply

Applications are open now until the 31st of March 2021. We will be notifying people on the 1st of April. At this stage, we’re looking for someone for the next 6 months. Each month that you take part you will get a new free item and a discount code to use. In return we would expect at least 5-6 posts per month and for you to promote us on social media. Obviously, this is only if you love our products (we hope that you will). To apply:

  • Follow up on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Use the hashtag #nappyneedzbrandrepsearch on at least one of your best posts. (Photos need to be recent & show your ability to style & take a good snap.)
  • Share our Instagram post to your Instagram story.
  • Fill in the application form here.
Nappyneedz Brand Rep Search

Part of the Nappyneedz Team

Becoming a brand rep isn’t the only way that you can become part of the Nappyneedz team. We also have advisors working for us. If you like the idea of being an advisor, then get in touch. Our advisors offer nappy demo’s locally. They also sell our nappies and work as a business themselves. A great way to use your cloth nappy love and make a job for yourself. Learn more here.

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