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Black Friday Sale

Coming soon our Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sales is something that Nappyneedz has never taken part in before. This year for the first time, we’re having a huge sale on 24th November with bargains bigger than we’ve ever had before. You’re not likely to experience a sale like this at Nappyneedz again.

Time to save

Nappyneedz prices aim to be great value for money all year round. This year though, we’re going to be offering even bigger discounts on everything. From our fantastic cloth nappies and accessories, to our popular reusable menstrual products. We really are going to be offering something for everyone. If you haven’t tried our dinky nappies before and want to give them a go, now’s your chance.

This is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on reusable menstrual pads, or nappy inserts. We even have some great gift ideas for Christmas, with our washable makeup pads.

Even more savings in our black Friday sale

For those of you who sign up to our newsletter, there’s the chance to get your hands on a an even bigger bargain. Click here to sign up and get extra discounts and reminders about the big sale.

On the day, there will be no need to enter any codes for the discounts on the site, just pop along and see the great range of prices that we’ll be offering.

Black friday sale on a sparkly background

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