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Back to the beginning – my cloth nappy journey

my cloth nappy journey

A couple of weeks ago, this young man turned ten. He’s my oldest child and it was with him that I started my cloth nappy journey. Ten years ago, I was just trying cloth nappies for the first time, little did I know where that would lead to.

my cloth nappy journey

Starting out with cloth nappies

I started using cloth on my oldest when he was a few days old and we were home from hospital. I had looked into using them before he was born, but I have to admit, I didn’t really know what I was doing. We started out using covers and flat nappies very similar to the birdseye flat nappies that we sell here at Nappyneedz. They did need folding and were a little fiddly. I soon got the hang of them and they were very fast drying. Had I known about pre-folds back then, I would have probably started with them. Despite all of my fears about the extra work and leaks, they were surprisingly easy and I didn’t have any leaking issues.

Setting out with cloth nappies

Toddler times

By the time he was a few months old, we’d switched to shaped nappies with covers (which were very popular back then) and some pocket nappies. I started to think that I could maybe make some nappies myself. With a few supplies in hand I started experimenting with different kinds of nappies and finding what worked for us. My son was the guinea pig for many of those early experiments that paved the way for what would become the Dinky Nappy and some of our other products.

Continuing the cloth nappy journey

As he got older and moved out of cloth nappies, I had other children. A boy and then two girls. They were all in cloth nappies from birth. They continued to be my testers for my cloth nappy ideas. I had worked for a while as a cloth nappy adviser, but when my third baby arrived, Nappyneedz was also born. It’s grown alongside my family since then.

Little did I know, ten years ago, that I’d still be very much involved with cloth nappies now. If you’d like to start your cloth nappy journey but don’t know where to begin. Or if you want some help with the next steps, then check out our advice form. Here.

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