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Affordable cloth nappies for every family

Affordable cloth nappies

Affordable cloth nappies are great for parents in all kinds of situations. Cloth nappies can save you a lot of money, but they can initially cost a lot. There are a number of things that you can do in order to spread the cost.


At Nappyneedz we have a number of options that help you to spread the cost.

  • Traditional layby
    • This is a way to spread the cost of buying cloth.
    • You can purchase using bank transfer and then pay an amount each month or week.
    • Once you have paid off the full amount, the goods will be sent out.
  • Laybuy
    • This is run through the Laybuy company.
    • They take a set amount out of your account each week until it’s paid off.
    • We send out the items straight away.
  • Baby shower gift list
    • We can also set up a baby shower gift list.
    • We give you a special code and our bank details. People can then pay in an amount towards your cloth nappies as a gift.
    • Once you have received enough, your nappies will be sent out.

Other ways to make cloth less expensive

In addition to these payment methods, we also offer a range of cloth nappies that are easier on your budget. Our complete value pack and OSFM nappy packs are great value for money. These affordable cloth nappies are much easier to pay for upfront and a great way to get into cloth. You can also build your cloth nappy stash slowly, with our single nappies or trial packs.

Affordable cloth nappies

What ways have you found to save money since having children? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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