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Terms and conditions

terms and conditions

Customers are reminded of the following points:

Payments processed by Paypal  are governed by the relevant terms and conditions found on the relevant websites. Please note that while we do not charge for processing payments via these methods the service providers may.

When placing an order / setting up your account please ensure you enter the correct and up to date information regarding your name, address and telephone number.
While telephone number is not a required part of registration we can NOT courier any products to customers who do not supply an up to date telephone number. These are part of our courier terms yet still fall under general Data Protection laws.

Ecobots is a WAHM [work at home mother] based business. Please note this is a business and not a hobby or favour. While we endeavour to behave in a regulated and business like manner we expect our customers to also maintain a civilised level of communication.

Distance selling laws state that we must supply the customer with delivery dates however we ask that customers please expect at least 28 days for delivery unless stated otherwise. Custom made or personalised orders will by their very nature take longer to create and deliver. Please note that distance selling laws state that refunds will not be given on custom made or personalised products so please ensure your order is what you require and SPELLING IS CORRECT.

Ecobots will not tolerate any abusive, insulting or aggressive behaviour from any of it’s customers be it in a telephone call, email, printed letter or via a 3rd party such as internet chat forum or notice boards. Ecobots Will not tolerate any form of flaming, slander or libel.

If a customer has any issues with services or products we ask that you use the information on the contact us page and we will endeavour to reply within 48 hours.

Abusive contacts will be asked to maintain a civil approach only once, any customer continuing with any sort of aggressive behaviour will have their account terminated and further contact will will need to be made via our legal representative.

In addition to current Data Protection laws we maintain the right to collate and print off abusive contact literature to pass on to our legal representative should the need arise.

Please note that our products are thoroughly checked and quality checked before shipment. If a customer alters, adds to or otherwise changes a product it will immediately cancel any liability on our behalf. Please read any care instruction for your product on the relevant area of our website.

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