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About Ecobots

Ecobots is one of the longest established cloth nappy companies within New Zealand. It has been running now for 10 years.  We concentrate on quality cloth nappies and accessories. We specialise in pure cotton prefold nappies, which are simple and easy to use.  Our nappy covers are among the most reliable on the market today. They have been tried, tested and loved by 1000’s of families within New Zealand.

About us

I founded Nappyneedz Ltd in 2010, to provide quality, affordable cloth nappies to Kiwi families. Offering great, helpful cloth nappy advice to Kiwi parents.  In 2013 we took over Ecobots and added the brand to our range.

With over thirteen years of experience in the cloth nappy business and four children of our own. We feel that we’re ideally placed to help you start and continue in your cloth nappy journey.  We offer free advice for parents, as well as selling our great range of cloth nappies.

About me

I first became interested in cloth nappies while pregnant with my now teenaged son.  After a lot of research, and some trial and error after he was born, I settled on the types of cloth nappies that I liked and that worked for us.  In early 2007 I started to work as a cloth nappy advisor in the UK. I helped other parents to begin their cloth nappy journey, and to share my experience.  At around this time, I also started to sew and design my own nappies.

We moved to New Zealand in 2008, and by that point had two sons.  I started off sewing nappies for friends and family. Shortly after the birth of our first daughter in 2010 nappyneedz was born.  By 2013 we had another daughter,  taking us to a family of 6. When I heard about Ecobots being on the market, a brand I had long admired, I jumped at the chance to add it to our business.

I am passionate about cloth nappies, about helping parents use and choose cloth nappies, and about ecobots, and I hope that if you try them, you will be too.

Should you wish to know anything further about  Ecobots, cloth nappies or our business.  Then please get in touch.

About us Ecobots cloth nappies

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