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20 facts about cloth nappies

So today is day two of our 31 day blog challenge, and as I’m altering the titles slightly so that they ‘fit’ nappyneedz a bit better, today is going to be 20 facts about cloth nappies.

1. Cloth nappies will save you money

Children are expensive, there’s no two ways about it, so anyway that you can save a bit of cash here and there, has to be a good thing.  One of the great facts about cloth nappies, is that they will save you money.  Even without the figures, it makes sense that something that you can reuse is going to cost you less long term than something you have to buy new every time you use it, even if you factor in washing.

2. Cloth nappies are better for the environment

Again, it seems to be common sense that something that you use again and again must be better for the environment than something that you throw away.  Of course energy goes into washing the nappies, and it’s very hard to be totally carbon neutral, but reusable nappies are much better on this front than disposable ones.

3. Cloth nappies are cute

Again, I think that as facts about cloth nappies go, this one is pretty much undeniable, they are really really cute.  Of course it helps if you have a cute baby in them.

facts about cloth nappies,they are cute

4.Cloth nappies can be confusing

There are many many different types of cloth nappies on the market, and there’s certainly no denying, that when you look into them for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Once you get used to the different types though, you’ll be an expert in no time.  Check out our advice form if you need help.

5. You don’t need to use nappy pins and plastic pants

Modern cloth nappies have moved on a long way from the days of cotton squares, nappy pins and plastic pants.  Of course you can still use those if you want, and people do, but it might be worth checking out some of the modern alternatives too.

6. Washing needn’t be complicated

People can get very hung up on the idea of how to wash their nappies, but really it’s quite simple.  You don’t need to use fancy powders or washing techniques, just try to wash for the longest cycle, and make sure that everything is really well rinsed.

7. Cloth nappies can cost you a lot of money

Yes, I know, I know, how can cloth nappies can save you money and cloth nappies can cost you a lot of money both be facts about cloth nappies?  The problem is that if you buy lots and lots of nappies, particularly if you become a nappy addict, you can end up spending a fortune on them.  Fortunately though……..

one of a kind cloth nappies

8. There’s a good market for second hand cloth nappies

Pre-loved, or second hand cloth nappies can sell quite well, helping you save even more money (or make back the money you’ve spent on pretty cloth nappies).  As long as they’re in good condition, and usable, then people are happy to buy pre-loved nappies.

9. You can go all natural with cloth

If you decide you only want to use natural fabrics on your baby, then there are plenty of options; hemp, cotton, bamboo for example.  You can also use a woollen cover, such as a knitted soaker, to stick with the natural theme.

Knitted woollen soaker

10. Polyester is also useful for cloth nappies

As well as going all natural, you can also use polyester for cloth nappies, the stay dry layer in pocket nappies is usually polyester, as is the PUL cover on the outside.  Microfibre is made from polyester too, and rather than soaking up water it holds it between the fibres.

11. You can make your own cloth nappies

If you’re a dab hand with the sewing machine, then there’s no reason why you can try sewing your own cloth nappies, there are plenty of patterns out there to get you started, and you can get fabrics from places such as minkylicious.

12. You can also knit your own covers

Knitted nappy covers are fairly easy to make, there are hundreds on sites such as ravelry to choose from, such as this free, flat knit nappy cover.

13. Cloth nappies are called cloth diapers in the USA

That’s probably one of the facts about cloth nappies that you already knew, but did you know that the word diaper comes from the greek word for white, and diaper was actually a type of cloth at one point.

14. The word nappy comes from napkin

If you think about this one, it’s fairly obvious, so hardly one of the more surprising facts about cloth nappies.  I’ve even heard some older people in New Zealand refer to them as baby’s napkins.

15. Cloth nappies can last for many children

Here’s my oldest son in a second hand cloth nappy I bought for him seven years ago, since then it’s been on another three bottoms in our house, and is still going strong.  I’ve heard stories of some cloth nappies being used on six or seven different children.

Cloth nappies can last a long time

16. Cloth nappies don’t cause nappy rash

Disposable manufactures would like you to believe that one of the facts about cloth nappies is that they cause nappy rash, they don’t.  In actual fact, since more people have used disposables, nappy rash instances have increased.

17. Children in cloth nappies potty train earlier

This is one of those facts about cloth nappies, that people will debate, of course all children are different, and of course wearing cloth doesn’t mean that your little one WILL be out of nappies sooner, but they stand a good chance.  On average, children in cloth nappies are potty trained earlier.

18. Cloth nappies needn’t be expensive

Cloth nappies save you money, but they can cost a bit to set up.  There are ways around this though.  Second hand nappies are a cheaper alternative, or you can pick up flat nappies and covers fairly cheap.

19. There are lots of different fabrics you can use for cloth nappies

The vast array of fabrics that are used for cloth nappies; hemp, bamboo, cotton, pul, zorb….. the list goes on and on.  Try not to let yourself get too swamped with the choices, but knowing the different properties of each is a good idea.

20. Cloth nappies are great.

Ok, so I would say that, but if we’re discussing facts about cloth nappies, then I really think that I need to say this.  They are great, there are heaps of advantages to using them, and they’re worth a try.


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